HiP Keys v2.0!
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A simple utility to create, edit, and manage keyboard shortcuts or hot keys.

Screenshot of HiP's edit screen:

HiP Screenshot

Screenshot of HiP's HP Jornada 720 edit screen:

HiP Screenshot 2

What is it?
HiP Keys is a utility to edit and create keyboard shortcuts. For example using HiP you could set the Windows Logo Key + the "W" key to launch Pocket Word. Similarly <WIN>+<X> could launch Excel.
HiP also supports the editing of the hardware hotkeys on the HP660LX, HP630LX, and HP Jornada 720 - above the keyboard, to the right of the screen, and on the front of the case (720 only).

Download / Use:
ARM: For ARM based Windows CE devices (21 KB)
SH3: For SH3 based Windows CE devices (23 KB)
MIPS: For MIPS based Windows CE devices (22 KB)


Current Version?
The latest version is 2.0 (v2) and is dated June 29, 2002

HiP was written on the road with only my HP 720 to test it on. Please report any bugs or suggestions to me as soon as possible and I'll try to get fixes out.

Known Problems:

Why was it written?
When I first got my HP660LX I quickly rummaged through the registry and found out how to change the hardware hotkeys to launch whatever I wanted to. Shortly afterwards I figured out that the same could be done with any WIN key combo. I got tired of making changes directly to the registry and decided to write this app. This is the first application I ever wrote with Pocket C - sometime later I needed a break from Pike (the Icon editor I wrote) and decided to dust off HiP Keys, polish it up and release it. There was a Beta version up for almost two years, then last year I fixed up all the known problems, added to the UI, and added support for the hardware keys on my new HP 720. In short I got it all ready to release then forgot about it. I refound it a few days ago, so here it is! Hope you find it useful.

Where was it written?
HiP Keys was originaly written in Namibia and Botswana for my personal use. The beta version was polished up in Maritius and Australia. The v.2 version can add Egypt, India and the US to the list. If you're intrested here's my travel journal.

What is OnHiatus Software?
This is a collection of software that I started writting while traveling in Africa. It's all free, none of it is guaranteed, and it all does something I find useful but you may not. I only have an HP Jornada 720 so I can't comment on it's suitability for other machines. A.C.T. 2 was the first application to be released, Pike was the second, and HiP Keys is the third (though it's really the first application I wrote on the road and is thus the birth of the OnHiatus Software project).

NOTE:This Application is Freeware. No guarantees, I can't be held responsible for any damages caused by using or misusing this program! You get what you pay for...


I feel that HiP Keys is stable and robust, but I have only tested it on a HP 720.

hi·a·tus \hi-'â-tes\ n [L. fr. hiare to yawn] 1 : a lapse in continuity : GAP

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