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Thursday, May 29, 1997
Fort Lee, New Jersey to Kingston, New York
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Kingston, New York:
Latitude: 41° 56' 55" North
Longitude: 74° 2' 36" West
Altitude: 15 feet
From Seattle: 2390 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Hotel 19

Today's Travel:
Country: United States
Regions: New Jersey, New York
Route: US46, I95, SR9W, I87, SR28
Start: Fort Lee, New Jersey
Stop 1. Manhattan, New York City
End:Kingston, New York
Road Miles:170 miles
Linear:98 miles
Weather: Sunny

Available Photos:

Temple of Dendur, Central Park, and buildings Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Stacy in front of the Temple of Dendur Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

All photo images © 1997-2000 Anthony Jones - Images may not be used without prior written approval.

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 49
Miles Driven:9681
Linear Dist: 6968
Countries Visited: 1
Regions Visited: 22
More stats...
Hotels: 17
Friends / Family: 18
Camping: 9
Hostels: 5
Beers: 148

Journal Entry:
We had a list of "New York" things to do: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; New York Pizza, fresh roasted cashews, fresh bagels, and camera shopping. We'd planned on taking the morning to do as many of these as possible. We got them all done (The Met was awesome, the pizza was very good, the nuts were even honey roasted, four kinds of bagels, and I bought a Minolta Vectris 40). However, we it was a little later than late morning when we were done. I think we were on the George Washington Bridge (Manhattan to New Jersey) at about 8:30pm. Survived another day of driving in Manhattan, actually started to like driving like this - I even used my horn!

The plan was to camp in the Catskills. We spent close to an hour around midnight looking for a campground (Woodland valley) on SR28 before exhaustion forced us to give up and drive back to I87 to find a cheap hotel.

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