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Wednesday, August 6, 1997
Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon
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Portland, Oregon:
Latitude: 45° 31' 26" North
Longitude: 122° 41' 43" West
Altitude: 120 feet
From Seattle: 170 miles
Lodging: Friend / Family - Stevie (Wolf's friend)

Today's Travel:
Country: United States
Regions: Washington, Oregon
Route: I5
Start: Seattle, Washington
Stop 1. Pyramid Ales Brewery, Kalamah, Washington
End:Portland, Oregon
Road Miles:186 miles
Linear:173 miles
Weather: Overcast / Sunny

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 118
Miles Driven:23146
Linear Dist: 65695
Countries Visited: 2
Regions Visited: 38
More stats...
Hotels: 30
Friends / Family: 43
Camping: 34
Hostels: 7
Transit: 4
Beers: 379

Journal Entry:
Stoped at the original Pyramid brewery in Kalamah only to find that they no longer do tours, tasting or retail sales. I think it's probably because the new Hart mega-breweries are so slick. Pity, because I really enjoyed the Kalamah brewery last time I was there.

We got into Portland, found Stevie's (Wolf's friend) apartment, and were wondering around waiting for Stevie to get home. We settled down in the coffee bar of Powell's bookstore (a must see in Portland). Stevie called my cell number so I answered only to have the waitress run over and inform me that we were in a "cellular free zone" and could I go outside. That was a first for me.

We went out to a Mexican dinner, drank beers and sangria, went to a nightclub, drank more beer, etc. (you get the pattern).

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