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Wednesday, September 10, 1997
Oslo, Norway
Norway's FlagOslo's Flag

Oslo, Norway:
Latitude: 59° 55' 13" North
Longitude: 10° 41' 48" East
Altitude: 225 feet
From Seattle: 5471 miles
Lodging: Friend / Family - Tove, Einar, and Axel

Today's Travel:
Country: Norway
Region: Oslo
Route: City Boat 91, Subway 5
Start: Oslo, Norway
Stop 1. Information, Radhus Pier, Oslo
Stop 2. Norske Folkemuseum, Oslo
Stop 3. Vikingskiphuset, Oslo
Stop 4. Kon-Tiki Museum and Frammuseet
Stop 5. Akershus Festing, Akershus Slott, and Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum
Stop 6. Nasjonalgalleriet
Stop 7. Frognerparken
End:Oslo, Norway
Linear:7 miles
Weather: Sunny

Available Photos:

Wooden ships Radhus pier, Oslo, Norway

Rowing 850AD style, the Osberg boat Vikingskiphuset, Oslo, Norway

The Fram Frammuseet, Oslo, Norway

The Christian Radich and city center waterfront Akershus Festing, Oslo, Norway

The fountain and Monolith Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway

Frognerparken Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway

The Monolith Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway

North Monolith gate (women) Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway

WestMonolith gate (men) Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway

South Monolith gate (men) Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway

Monolith detail and moon Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway

East Monolith gate (women) Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway

Clouds over Frognerparken Frognerparken, Oslo, Norway

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 153
Linear Dist: 77209
Countries Visited: 4
Regions Visited: 39
More stats...
Hotels: 30
Friends / Family: 76
Camping: 35
Hostels: 7
Transit: 5
Beers: 527

Journal Entry:
After a wonderful night sleep and an even more wonderful shower I was handed my own set of keys, given a ride down to the tourist office and told to come and go as I please. Sitting in the sun on the waterfront I decided to take the city boat service to the Norske Folkemuseum. I spent the 30 minutes waiting for the boat walking around Radhus pier which has about a dozen old tallships.

The boat ride was pleasant but not really any better (but no worse either) than the city bus. The Norse Folkemuseum was interesting. The park consists of some very large buildings with historical exhibitions, and a large grounds with more than 150 old buildings. The building range from an well over 700 years old (the Gol stave church, cc 1200) to rural buildings from the 1800's.

I didn't feel like waiting for a bus or tram so after the folf museum I walked to Vikingskipshuset (the Viking Ships Museum). They have three ships, two of which are in amazing condition (given that thery're over a thousand years old). There were also some beautiful wood carvings (I especially liked some animal heads whose function no one knows).

A longer walk to the Kon-Tiki Museum took me by a small grocery where I bought picnic supplies. The museum has the original balsa wood raft Kon-Tiki (from 1947) and the papytus raft Ra II (1970) that Thor Heyerdahl built and sailed. There are also a number of exhibits on Easter Island (Heyerdahl did a lot of resturation / research there).
Next to the Kon-Tiki museum is the Frammuseet (Fram museum). The Frammuseet is a large building build arround the polar exploration ship Fram (1892). She's a beautiful square-rigged sailing vessel that is completely open to walk around, under, over and in. This boat holds (held?) the records for both the furthest North and furthes South any ship has gone! The city boat picks up outside the museum so while waiting I had my picnic lunch (cheese, crackers, biscuits, and fanta).

After the boat I wlaked up to Akershus Festning (Akershus Fortress) to try and get some pictures looking down at the waterfront. While walking around the fortress I visited Akershus Slottt (Akershus Castle) (started in 1299) which was interesting, but I don't think it would have been worth the enterance fee if I hadn't bought the Oslo Card (includes all city transportation and museeum entry fees). Also on the fortress grounds is the depressing and inspirational Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum (Norway's Resistance Museum). The museum chronicals the Norwegians resistance to the Nazi occupation. I got to the museum just 10 minutes before closing and I had to beg to get in. I would have liked to spend a few more minutes, but it was very graphic and sobering and I'm kind of glad I was only there for a few minutes.

A twenty minute walk brought me to the Nasjonalgalleriet (National Gallery). Predictably my favorite was the two rooms devoted to Edvard Munch, and specifically "Skrik" (The Scream).

I was going to go to the Munch museum, but after the National gallery I opted to stop for a beer at a brew pub (Studenten?). I figured out my first european subway system which got me near Frognerparken or Vigelandsparken (Vigeland's Park). A huge park designed by Gustav Vigeland and populated with 200+ of his statues. My favorites were the gates around the central Monolith.
After another picnic in the park (can't have leftovers) it was back to "home" (only a five minute walk from Frognerparken). At the flat we watched the Norway - Switzerland world cup qualifying game. For the second half of the game Axel took me to his friends house, where I was reminded how very small the world is. Axel's friend Thomas mentioned he attended one year of highschool in the US, so I asked where, and he said Burien (outside of Seattle). So I asked if he knew Scott (my ex-roommate). Out comes the yearbook, and there's Scotty. I don't know if I should be comfortted or scared the the world is so small.

After Norway soundly defeated Switzerland (5 to 0) Axel and I went to meet his sister (Cecilie) and some friends at a sports bar, Hogan's. Axel left early since he had to get up early and I stayed with Anna, Nicole, and Cecilia. After Hogan's closed we went to Etta's. And after that Cecilia hosted the group to hotdogs at her apartment (which is more like a penthouse and the former residence of a former prime minister. What a view! A short taxi ride home, and my first full day in Europe is over. Whew!

Thanks: Takk (Tock)
Beer: Ol

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