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Saturday, September 13, 1997
Bergen to Oslo, Norway
Norway's FlagOslo's Flag

Oslo, Norway:
Latitude: 59° 55' 13" North
Longitude: 10° 41' 48" East
Altitude: 225 feet
From Seattle: 5471 miles
Lodging: Hostel - Haraldsheim Hostel International

Today's Travel:
Country: Norway
Region: Oslo
Route: Togruter 602, Tram 10
Path:Bergen - Oslo, Norway
Linear:174 miles
Weather: Rain / Partial Sun

Available Photos:

View from hostel Haraldsheim Hostel, Oslo, Norway

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 156
Linear Dist: 77643
Countries Visited: 4
Regions Visited: 40
More stats...
Hotels: 30
Friends / Family: 77
Camping: 35
Hostels: 9
Transit: 5
Beers: 535

Journal Entry:
Had a good breakfast (especially good realizing that I had very little to eat yesterday) of cereal, bread, cheese, coldcuts, and various sticky, goopy things that varied in taste (some good, some bad). Caught a bus that took about 10 minutes longer than I thought it would, got to my train 4 minutes late, but the train was running 5 minutes late!

Got to Oslo and tried to get hold of Axel but failed. Got worried about a place to stay so I took the tram out of town to the only open hostel. They were full, but the manager offered me a mattress on the floor in the basement w/ breakfast for 80 NOK (normal dorm bed w/ breakfast would have been 175 NOK). I wasn't feeling too social and I was restless after the 8 hour train ride so I decided to go for a walk and find someplace for dinner. A couple miles of walking, a couple more on a tram and I found a restaurant w/ no english on the signs. They didn't have raindeer or whale, but I got a good piza and a glass of beer. As I was leaving to head for a good night sleep I heard live music from the basement and decided to investigate. There was a blues band that was quite good, so I ended up watching for a couple hours. There will be plenty of time for sleep on tomorrow mornings train to Stoclkholm! It was weird to hear the blues sung in Norwegian, actually it sounded right except I couldn't understand anything.

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