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Wednesday, October 8, 1997
Skala, Nisos Astipalaia to Thira, Nisos Thira (Santorini), Greece
Greece's Flag

Thira, Nisos Thira (Santorini), Greece:
Latitude: 36° 25' 8" North
Longitude: 25° 25' 37" East
From Seattle: 7574 miles
Lodging: Transit - The Andreas

Today's Travel:
Country: Greece
Region: Cyclades Islands
Route: The Andreas
Path:Skala, Nisos Astipalaia - Thira, Nisos Thira (Santorini), Greece
Linear:52 miles
Weather: Sunny

Available Photos:

The village Fikinias Fikinias, Nisos Thira (Santorini), Greece

The village Fikinias Fikinias, Nisos Thira (Santorini), Greece

Looking down at The Andreas (and other boats) from the cable car Thira, Nisos Thira (Santorini), Greece

Thira at Sunset Thira, Nisos Thira (Santorini), Greece

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 181
Linear Dist: 36379
Countries Visited: 9
Regions Visited: 49
More stats...
Hotels: 32
Friends / Family: 77
Camping: 35
Hostels: 24
Transit: 13
Beers: 645

Journal Entry:
Motored about 58 miles today. It was beautiful, sunny, and warm, but hardly a breath of wind.

Santorini (locally known as Thira) is a beautiful island. It's a huge volcanic crater that has collapsed on the southwest side, filled with water, creating a giant "C" shaped island. The island plunges dramatically into the sea, with the various towns up on the ridge.

The city of Thira has a cable car from the waterfront up into the city proper. I took the cable car up and spent the eveing wondering around. Thira is very beautiful, and touristy and very expensive for Greece. I had a take out dinner and returned to the boat to clean up to go out tonight. Some technical difficulties (the water tank running dry) resulted in me missing the last gondola up so I ended up staying on the boat. I was willing to walk down (in the relative cool of night), but I was not going to walk up!

Everyone came home, and I decided to go see what was happening along the waterfront. I stoped in a few places for a beer and started talking to a german who lives here now, and had also lived in Seattle. She told me that the cable cars ran until 11:30, and that there was a good jazz club at the top, so I went. the jazz club was ok, but I soon grew bored, had another gyros, and started the walk down. 20 minutes later I was back at the boat.

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