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Wednesday, October 22, 1997
Patras to Agios Gordios, Corfu, Greece
Greece's FlagIonian Islands's Flag

Agios Gordios, Corfu, Greece:
Latitude: 39° 32' 55" North
Longitude: 19° 51' 8" East
Altitude: 487 feet
From Seattle: 7086 miles
Lodging: Hotel - The Pink Palace

Today's Travel:
Country: Greece
Region: Ionian Islands
Route: Minoan Lines ferry, Fedra: Patras - Corfu
Path:Patras - Agios Gordios, Corfu, Greece
Linear:144 miles
Weather: Rain

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 195
Linear Dist: 81690
Countries Visited: 9
Regions Visited: 53
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Hotels: 33
Friends / Family: 77
Camping: 35
Hostels: 27
Transit: 23
Beers: 727

Journal Entry:
Got up at 5:30 to get off the ferry in Corfu. The Pink Palace bus had just left so their representative put me and 4 others in a taxi (which was paid for). Checked in at the PP, nice room all to my self with a great view and a huge deck. Ate the breakfast (included in the price of the room), looked around in the rain, and went to bed.

Got up early afternoon, and it was raining harder, so I watched a movie, listened to music, and read in the cafe. Went up to the happy hour before dinner (also included), each drink purchased come with a free shot of vile Ouzo. Dinner was good, afterwards watched the Greek dancers, a bunch of Pink Palace sponsored drinking games (in one 6 people drank an entire bottle of Ouzo as fast as possible), had a plate smashed over my head, played pool and danced. Got to bed very late. Almost everyone here is from an English speaking country, mostly Canadians, lots of Austrailians, then Americans. This place is basically a Club Med for young people.

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