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Sunday, November 16, 1997
York to London, England
England's Flag

London, England:
Latitude: 51° 29' 19" North
Longitude: 0° 11' 18" East
Altitude: 33 feet
From Seattle: 5454 miles
Lodging: Hostel - Earl's Court YHA

Today's Travel:
Country: England
Regions: Yorkshire, Greater London
Route: Bus: York - Lincoln - Cambridge - London
Start: York
Stop 1. Lincoln
Stop 2. Cambridge
End:London, England
Linear:203 miles
Weather: Overcast

Available Photos:

Andrew studing the map (this picture defines the trip) York, England

Lincoln Cathedral Lincoln, England

Stained Glass Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln, England

Observatory Tower Lincoln Castle, Lincoln, England

Lincoln Cathedral from the top of the Observatory Tower Lincoln Castle, Lincoln, England

King's College, Cambridge Cambridge, England

Punters and the Mathmatical bridge Cambridge, England

All photo images © 1997-2000 Anthony Jones - Images may not be used without prior written approval.

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 220
Linear Dist: 85248
Countries Visited: 14
Regions Visited: 72
More stats...
Hotels: 40
Friends / Family: 77
Camping: 35
Hostels: 44
Transit: 24
Beers: 897

Journal Entry:
Stoped at Lincoln to see the Cathedral and the Castle. The Cathedral was huge, but kind of depressing on the inside (not that Cathedrals are normally happy places, but this one was particularly sobering). Fantastic stained glass. The castle was nice, but really only had two features. The observatory tower from which there is a fantastic view of the cathedral. And the prison, which displays one of the four remaining original drafts of the Magna Carta. I wanted to see the Magna Carta since it is the forerunner of most modern constitutions. i did however find it somewhat disapointing. It's not decrative at all, just a old piece of paper with very small writting in latin.

The next, and final stop was Cambridge. I spent most of my time in Cambrisge wandering around Trinity college (it was the first one I happened to wander into). Getting back to the bus I got hopelessly lost and spent about an hour franticly trying to figure where the hell I was. I finally managed to flag down the bus as it was going to find a phone to call the polce station... Cambridge is definitely on my list of places to spend more time.

Horrible traffic coming into London, but we made it. Unexciting night at the pub, got my email, and went to bed.

Over all I think the bus tour was a good thing. It's definitely not my normal mode of travel though. I saw a lot of things and places that I wouldn't have known to go to, and it was nice not having to worry about what / where next for a bit. However, I feel like I've seen most of Great Brittan as a series of snapshots with nothing inbetween. 30 minutes or an hour really isn't enough time at most of these places, and others was way to much. I really want to go back to Edinburgh, The Lakes District, and Cambridge.

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