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Friday, March 20, 1998
Palmyra, Syria
Syria's Flag

Palmyra, Syria:
Latitude: 34° 33' 14" North
Longitude: 38° 16' 47" East
Altitude: 1561 feet
From Seattle: 8359 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Omayyod Palace

Today's Travel:
Country: Syria
Region: The Desert
Weather: Partial Sun

Available Photos:

Kids using a camel as a bench Ruins of Palmyra, Syria

Window Temple of Bel (32 AD), Ruins of Palmyra, Syria

Pillars and arch Temple of Bel (32 AD), Ruins of Palmyra, Syria

Alter Temple of Bel (32AD), Ruins of Palmyra, Syria

Temple Temple of Bel (32AD), Ruins of Palmyra, Syria

The Citadel Ruins of Palmyra, Syria

Ruins of Palmyra Half way up to the Citadel, Palmyra, Syria

Chambers The Citadel, Palmyra, Syria

Looking down at the ruins of Palmyra The Citadel, Palmyra, Syria

Citadel top with mountains The Citadel, Palmyra, Syria

View through arrow slit The Citadel, Palmyra, Syria

Soccer field among ruins Ruins of Palmyra, Syria

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 344
Linear Dist: 96449
Countries Visited: 28
Regions Visited: 110
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Hotels: 63
Friends / Family: 98
Camping: 38
Hostels: 113
Transit: 32
Beers: 1430

Journal Entry:
Woke up to a mostly sunny day! The girls took off for Damascus (I wanted another day in Palmyra) so I had the day to myself. Froliced around the village, had lunch, and set off to see the ruins of Palmyra in the sun. Visited the Temple of Bel. Huge courtyard, nicely restored inner temple (the outer wall is a horrible restoration, with blocks of stone shoved anywhere, even where they clearly don't belong). The temple dates back to 32 A.D. and has some good reliefe carvings. Had the temple completely to myself for about half an hour before it was invaded by school children. Luckily half an hour was about the right amount of time.

The sky started to cloud over and I could see rain in the distance, despite the ominous apearance I decided to try the hike to the citadel. Despite a few threatening sprinkles, it never rained, and the hike was great. The view from the Citadel was unbelieveable, including the modern town, the ruins, the oasis, and the surounding desert. There was a man at the Citadel enterance who collected 50 Syrian Pounds (~US$1), I don't think he was official, but it didn't bother me since a cold drink was included and I was really wanting it. The Citadel is a huge maze of chambers, halls, stairs and sheer drops. It was fun to explore, but lacked the beautiful carvings or frescos that decorate most ruins in these parts.

After hiking down the hill I wandered through the outskirts of the ruins back towards town. It was amusing to find several soccer fields lying among the ruins. Got back to the hotel, researched tomorrow's bus trip to Damascus, and spent some time on my journal.

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