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Sunday, March 22, 1998
Damascus, Syria
Syria's FlagDamascus's Flag

Damascus, Syria:
Latitude: 33° 30' 41" North
Longitude: 36° 17' 55" East
Altitude: 2214 feet
From Seattle: 8332 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Al Rabie Hotel

Today's Travel:
Country: Syria
Region: Damascus
Weather: Sunny

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Mosaics and enterance Omayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria

Mosaics Omayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria

Mosaics Omayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria

Souq al-Hamadiyyeh Damascus, Syria

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 346
Linear Dist: 51735
Countries Visited: 28
Regions Visited: 111
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Hotels: 65
Friends / Family: 98
Camping: 38
Hostels: 113
Transit: 32
Beers: 1430

Journal Entry:
Met the girls finally. They'd lost track of time. It sounds like they want to spend more time in Damascus than I do, so it looks like we'll be heading our separate way at least for awhile.

Got the re-entry paperwork done, so I can come back into Syria from Lebanon. I thought the US government was a bad. Here's where I had to go to get the paperwork filled out (at the Passport and Visa office): Office 5 (Section of Residence - 2nd floor; to look at my passport and visa), Office 11 (Archive of Procedures - 3rd floor; had to pay 10 Syrian pounds for a form), back to 5 (to fill out the form), Office of Archives (1st floor; for a stamp), back to 5 (for a stamp), Office 4 (Chief of Travel Documents & Residence Branch - 2nd floor; for a stamp), back to 5 (for a few more stamps), back to 4 (for a signature), and up to Office 17 (Telegrams - 3rd floor; for another stamp or two, and too be sent to the border). It sounds bad, but it wasn't. Total it took under an hour and it was so funny.

Spent the day wandering around the old town. Saw the Omayyad Mosque (3rd most important building in the Mouslim world, most important outside of Saudi), Saladin's Mausoleum, and the remains of the 3rd century AD Roman Temple of Jupiter. Also spent a lot of time wandering (and some buying) through the covered Souq al -Hamadiyyeh (public market).

Caught the night showing of Volcano, which was completely medeocre, but still ejoyable. When I walked out of the theater it was after 11 and the city had quieted down some and it looked just like any city anywhere. I must have walked about 30 feet when the absurd thought that I was in Syria hit me. It is a small world.

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