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Sunday, April 12, 1998
Jerusalem, Israel
Israel's FlagWest Bank's Flag

Jerusalem, Israel:
Latitude: 31° 46' 53" North
Longitude: 35° 13' 52" East
Altitude: 2633 feet
From Seattle: 8401 miles
Lodging: Hostel - Al-Arab

Today's Travel:
Country: Israel
Region: West Bank
Weather: Sunny

Available Photos:

Easter Dawn Jerusalem, Israel

Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Easter Jerusalem, Israel

Western Wall Jerusalem, Israel

Dome of the Rock and Western Wall Jerusalem, Israel

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 367
Linear Dist: 52399
Countries Visited: 31
Regions Visited: 117
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Hotels: 76
Friends / Family: 98
Camping: 38
Hostels: 123
Transit: 32
Beers: 1465

Journal Entry:
As I was getting ready at 3:10 this morning I was told that the transportation I thought I'd aranged had been canceled. Back to sleep.

Woke up a bit after 6 and watched the sunrise over Jerusalem. Thought about going to an Easter service but a quick look outside at the people queing for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (marking the site where Jesus was supposedly crucified / burried / resurected) cured that idea (the line must have been close to a half mile long). Walked around the old town taking pictures in the sun until I could no longer stand the crowds (I thought it was bad before). Spent the afternoon in the New town just hanging out, updating my journal, getting caught up on email, and checking out the six rolls of photos (covering the begining of October to the begining of March) that Steve developed / scanned.

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