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Monday, May 4, 1998
The Nile River to Luxor, Egypt
Egypt's FlagUpper Egypt's Flag

Luxor, Egypt:
Latitude: 25° 41' 30" North
Longitude: 32° 38' 12" East
Altitude: 116 feet
From Seattle: 8693 miles
Lodging: Hostel - Happyland

Today's Travel:
Country: Egypt
Region: Upper Egypt
Route: Service Taxi: Nile River - Edfu - Luxor
Start: The Nile River
Stop 1. Edfu
End:Luxor, Egypt
Linear:87 miles
Weather: Sunny

Available Photos:

Exterior wall of temple Edfu Temple, Edfu, Egypt

Interior temple wall Edfu Temple, Edfu, Egypt

Courtyard Edfu Temple, Edfu, Egypt

Bird statue in courtyard Edfu Temple, Edfu, Egypt

Camel truck Near Isna, Egypt

Row of ram headed sphinxes Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Columns (Ptole) Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Ptole Columns Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Oblisk Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Painting above doorway Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Temple complex Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Bug hieroglyphic Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Column Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Pharo statue (For reference the small woman is taller than me) Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Row of pharos Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Pillar through door Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Row of pharos and door Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Entrance to luxor at sunset Luxor Temple, Luxor, Egypt

The Nile at dusk Luxor, Egypt

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 389
Linear Dist: 98659
Countries Visited: 32
Regions Visited: 122
More stats...
Hotels: 82
Friends / Family: 98
Camping: 39
Hostels: 134
Transit: 36
Beers: 1507

Journal Entry:
Got up a little early so I could prepare for returning to civilization (as civil as one can be bathing in the Nile). Took a service taxi to Edfu. Spent an hour exploring the Temple Edful (an hour was all the taxi was willing to wait). The temple is huge, and is in amazing condition. It even has the original roof still. Lots of carvings, some statues, some color, not too many tourist. I would have liked to have spent a few more hours there. The main temple is a maze of roomd snd coridors with every surface carved. The other buildings aren't as elaborate, but there were still courtyards and tunnels to explore.

Took the taxi the rest of the way to Luxor. Checked into the hotel, had lunch (at Mc Donalds - airconditioning!) and took off to see Karnak. Karnak is huge, probably about the same size as Palyra in Syria, maybe larger. The temples and courtyards are huge, a forest of giant carved pilars. Huge (20 to 40 feet?) statues stand and sit everywhere there are tons of carvings, and some color remains. Spent the entire afrternoon here. It was almost unbearably hot, but the advantage was that there were almost no other tourist, and it encouraged me to take my time.

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