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Thursday, August 6, 1998
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Spain's Flag

Santiago de Compostela, Spain:
Latitude: 42° 52' 50" North
Longitude: 8° 32' 40" West
Altitude: 956 feet
From Seattle: 5502 miles
Lodging: ??? - Private Flat

Today's Travel:
Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
Route: Train (RENFRE): Santiago de Compostela - La Corona, La Corona - Santiago de Compostela
Start: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Stop 1. La Corona
End:Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Linear:90 miles
Weather: Sunny

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 483
Linear Dist: 121633
Countries Visited: 33
Regions Visited: 136
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Hotels: 101
Friends / Family: 154
Camping: 41
Hostels: 134
Transit: 49
Other Lodging: 3
Beers: 1877

Journal Entry:
Beach Day!! Took the train up to La Corona with Sophie and Connie (my Danish flat mates). From the train station we asked which bus we took to get to the beach (it was a 5km walk and very hot so we didn't want to walk). A local directed us to get on the bus with her, and 40 minutes later we were at the beach. Not La Corona's beach, but still a beach. We never did figure out where we were, but the beach was nice and when we were sunburned enough we managed to catch a bus back to the train station in time to catch the last bus back to Santiago de Compostela, so the day was a success. There was even surf at the beach (1 to 3 feet) so despite the cold water I had an excuse to get wet every once in a while.

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