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Monday, October 12, 1998
Labé, Guinea
Guinea's Flag

Labé, Guinea:
Latitude: 11° 19' 45" North
Longitude: 12° 16' 56" West
Altitude: 3357 feet
From Seattle: 7158 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Grand Hôtel de l'Indépendance

Today's Travel:
Country: Guinea
Region: Fouta Djalon
Weather: Partial Sun

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 550
Linear Dist: 126769
Countries Visited: 38
Regions Visited: 158
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Hotels: 155
Friends / Family: 154
Camping: 43
Hostels: 141
Transit: 50
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 1982

Journal Entry:
Got up from my nap five hours later at about four. After my shower I realized it was Monday, and thus time fore me to take my malaria profalactic (Larium - once a week). After digging out the tablets I realized that there were only ten left. I've gone through five now so that's a total of fifteen, yet there were supposed to be thirty (that's what I was told and what it says on the prescription on the bottle. That means I'm covered up until the middle of December (less since I need four weeks worth for after I leave). So now I need to find some more, which could be kind of hard since Larium (mefloquine) is controvercial outside the U.S. I could change to a different medication but I'm hesitent to do that since right now I at least know what my side effects are.

Wandered around the Gare Voiture (bush taxi station) area a bit and then realized I wasn't feeling so good. With some thought I realized that except for a handful of peanuts last night I've had nothing to eat but bread for the last three days (oh, I guess I had some butter and tea with breakfast when I got here, but that's all). Given the lack of nutrition no wonder I'm not feeling so hot. I had a snack of street food (still bread - the fried corn meal stuff) and resolved to splurge and have a good diner.

Went and had diner at a restaurant recommended by my guide book. The pizza was actually very good. The place was at a hotel and quite a bit out of town (about a 15 minute walk from my hotel) out in a field along a dirt road (as far as I've seen most roads in Guinea are dirt). My mistake was not bringing a torch, as when I went to leave it was pitch black out. Add in the few beers I'd had with diner and this isn't fun. The smart thing would have been to go back in and have a coke while waiting for the moon to rise (it's still half full) but my judgement not being so good I set off for home. The road was absolutely invisible and I zig-zaged down it hitting grass on one side then the other. I fell once because of slippery mud but didn't end up in the big puddle at the bottom of the slope. Then I realized that I wasn't sure I was going the right way, and for that matter I wasn't sure I could get back to the restaurant. When someone ran by me it scared the shit out of me. I finally made it to a paved road and from then on there was a motorcycle or car every few minutes which messed up my night vision but at least let me look around. There were a few bad minutes where I was a little lost since I'd begged a ride to the restaurant area, and it's horrifying to have some pass a few feet away from you when you didn't even know anyone was there, but I made it back to the hotel without a heart attack.

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