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Saturday, October 24, 1998
Bamako, Mali
Mali's Flag

Bamako, Mali:
Latitude: 12° 36' 45" North
Longitude: 7° 57' 26" West
Altitude: 839 feet
From Seattle: 7316 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Hôtel Le Naboun

Today's Travel:
Country: Mali
Region: Western Mali
Weather: Mostly Sun

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 562
Linear Dist: 127252
Countries Visited: 39
Regions Visited: 160
More stats...
Hotels: 166
Friends / Family: 155
Camping: 43
Hostels: 141
Transit: 50
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 1998

Journal Entry:
Woke up feeling pretty much normal but decided to take it easy just the same. Spent the morning / early afternoon lounging and writing email on my H/PC. In the afternoon I went into town and had a huge lunch despite not being all that hungry. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the internet cafe sending email and adding an itinerary function to my journal manager so if I go incommunicado again people will have an idea where I thought I was going to be. I spent the evening working with the travel books trying to decide what I want to see in Ghana and had another huge meal (which I couldn't finish). My Saturday night was spent doing a thorough washing (almost three hours worth!) One advantage to hand washing in your hotel room is that you can get everything clean, you can't really sit in a laundry mat naked. Was up late figuring out my most likely itinerary.

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