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Tuesday, December 8, 1998
Coco Beach (Accra) to Akosombo Dam, Lake Volta, Ghana
Ghana's Flag

Akosombo Dam, Lake Volta, Ghana:
Latitude: 6° 18' 24" North
Longitude: 0° 3' 25" East
Altitude: 559 feet
From Seattle: 8149 miles
Lodging: Camp - Dam Parking Lot (Not official)

Today's Travel:
Country: Ghana
Regions: Coastal Ghana, Volta
Path:Coco Beach (Accra) - Akosombo Dam, Lake Volta, Ghana
Linear:57 miles
Weather: Overcast

Available Photos:

Volta river with pirogues Near Atimpoku, Ghana

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 607
Linear Dist: 130546
Countries Visited: 42
Regions Visited: 171
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Hotels: 187
Friends / Family: 155
Camping: 59
Hostels: 144
Transit: 55
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 2103

Journal Entry:
Joy left early to go into town and have another malaria test - this time she wants to make sure she doesn't still have malaria. The rest of us broke camp and headed into town around nine. Traffic was unbelievably bad (and I grew up near LA and have been to Mexico City!) Took care of some necessary details (Mainly gas for the car) then Dean dropped Stu and I off near the internet place while he headed to the police station (it's eleven now.) Joy was already there (her malaria test was negative) and we spent a couple hours on the net waiting for Dean.

Then it was off through more hellish traffic to pick up our passports with their shinny new Benin visas. Three o'clock now and once again our plan of getting an early start out of Accra are thwarted - so we decide to have a nice leisurely supper (traffic can't get any worse). Around four o'clock we're finally on our way out of town.

Toll roads were a bit of a surprise, but at least the roads were good and the traffic quickly thinned out. Got to Lake Volta (the worlds largest man-made lake) a little after six. Spent some time trying to find a camp site before settling down on the edge of a parking lot near the Akosombo Dam. The night watchmen came over to help us find a nice spot - he was more excited about the prospect of company than security. The parking lot (and hence our camp site) has stunning views of both the dam and the lake. Spent the night playing cards, listening to music, and eating pop-corn.

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