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Sunday, December 27, 1998
Limbé, Cameroon
Cameroon's Flag

Limbé, Cameroon:
Latitude: 4° 0' 42" North
Longitude: 9° 12' 0" East
Altitude: 8 feet
From Seattle: 8808 miles
Lodging: Camp - Mile Six Beach

Today's Travel:
Country: Cameroon
Region: Sud-ouest
Weather: Overcast

Available Photos:

Mt. Cameroon behind camp Mile Six Beach, Limbé, Cameroon

Mile Six Beach Mile Six Beach, Limbé, Cameroon

Coast and island Limbé, Cameroon

Coastal islands Limbé, Cameroon

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 626
Linear Dist: 131494
Countries Visited: 46
Regions Visited: 181
More stats...
Hotels: 192
Friends / Family: 155
Camping: 72
Hostels: 145
Transit: 55
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 2169

Journal Entry:
Woke up with a well deserved headache. Felt much better after a swim. Spent the morning reading the guide book, working on my journal (all caught up!), and just hanging out. Early afternoon Joy and I headed for town. We checked out the email place but were told to come back later. Hung out at a new cafe playing cards, talking, and just watching the world go by. Tried the email place again but were told to come back at six. Explored the coast and fishing villages. There are a number of small islands just off shore here - very reminiscent of the Oregon coast, except for the dense growth on them. It's such a pacific sight - looking along the coast with the greenery, the islands, and Mt Cameroon presiding over everything. Walked around the back streets of Limbé intentionally getting lost. Tried the internet place one last time before giving up.

Met the others and three Truck Africa people at the restaurant we loved so much Christmas eve. Entirely different story this time, the service was horrible, it took two hours to get the food, and when we got it it was cold. When we complained about the food being cold the waitress said it wasn't their fault, there were too many people. After diner it took nearly an hour to get the bill - all in all a very frustrating meal. The truck Africa people are leaving early tomorrow morning so we're not sure if we'll see them again (they're flying to East Africa to board a new truck in Kenya, the day after tomorrow.

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