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Friday, February 19, 1999
Hobas, Fish River Canyon National Park to Lüderitz, Namibia
Namibia's Flag

Lüderitz, Namibia:
Latitude: 26° 38' 2" South
Longitude: 15° 9' 5" East
Altitude: 17 feet
From Seattle: 10945 miles
Lodging: Camp - Shark Island

Today's Travel:
Country: Namibia
Region: Karas
Route: Roads: D601, C12, B4
Path:Hobas, Fish River Canyon National Park - Lüderitz, Namibia
Linear:162 miles
Weather: Mostly Sunny / Rain

Available Photos:

Good deed for day: towing car out of flooded road D601, Namibia

Ruins of ? D601, Namibia

Me at ruins D601, Namibia

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 680
Linear Dist: 136897
Countries Visited: 50
Regions Visited: 186
More stats...
Hotels: 199
Friends / Family: 158
Camping: 80
Hostels: 181
Transit: 55
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 2502

Journal Entry:
Long night, didn't sleep much - at one point the wind completely died and it was like sleeping in an oven. When I did fall asleep the baboons returned and got amorous outside my tent. When I finally gave up and got out of bed I decided to be in a good mood.

At one point in the middle of the desert we come over a small rise and slam on the breaks to avoid flying into a river. There is a fairly serious river over road - the thunder we heard last night must have been serious rain in the mountains. While we're waiting for Craig to wade across the river to check the depth another car pulls up. They're concerned because they don't have four wheel drive. So after we get across we wait up to see if they need help. Sure enough they get bogged right in the middle. We tow them out and they thanks us and head on their way.

Lunch was at a small pub in the middle of nowhere. It was brand new and would not have looked out of place in a village in England. We decided against getting gas at the restaurant because we thought there was gas down the road - and we should have had enough to make it to Aus. The car started to misbehave again - missing and backfiring - and there went the fuel economy. So thirty miles short of Aus we realized that we're running very short on gas and stop at a little tea room to see if they can sell us any. As Dean gets out of the car we run dry. They don't have fuel and we spend the next three or four hours sitting around waiting for someone who can fetch us fuel. The others sit inside, play cards, and drink tea. I sat in the car and went back in to my dark mood trying to decide whether I should leave the car or not. When it started to pour rain I forced myself to go in and join the others, but I'm still not very happy.

Eventually someone brought us 20 liters of gas and we were back on the road. In Aus we stopped at the petrol station and fill up all three tanks then the owner starts talking to us and tells us that the people we pulled out of water had bought us a beer. The owner, Steve, is a really nice guy and sits down and has a beer with us and recommends a mechanic in Lüderitz.

First thing once we get to Lüderitz is diner. Have a nice restaurant (we don't have any money so we have to use a credit card - which means a nice restaurant). Diner wasn't anything exciting, but it was pleasant. Find our campground and get a space right outside the harbor entrance - sleeping to the sound of surf again!

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