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Wednesday, March 10, 1999
Grootfontein to Rundu, Namibia
Namibia's Flag

Rundu, Namibia:
Latitude: 17° 54' 27" South
Longitude: 19° 46' 30" East
Altitude: 3738 feet
From Seattle: 10728 miles
Lodging: Camp - Ngunda?

Today's Travel:
Country: Namibia
Regions: Otjozonjupa, Okavango
Route: Road: B8
Path:Grootfontein - Rundu, Namibia
Linear:169 miles
Weather: Mostly Sunny / Rain

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 699
Linear Dist: 138696
Countries Visited: 50
Regions Visited: 195
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Hotels: 199
Friends / Family: 160
Camping: 88
Hostels: 190
Transit: 55
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 2671

Journal Entry:
Got in to town around noon and headed directly for the Angolan consulate - closed for lunch! Spent a few hours wandering around the town - mostly at the market. Somehow managed to leave my sarong (towel) at the campsite this morning so I bought pagne and had the seam sewn. It was really nice to be in a proper market again - even though it was tiny by West African standards. At two o'clock went back to the consulate and waited fifteen minutes only to be told that the border is closed here and at all points east - the only open border crossing is at Ruacana (where we got denied a couple days ago) - so we're not going to get to go to Angola.

Spent some more time wandering around town, bought supplies, and generally enjoyed the atmosphere. Late afternoon Dean and I returned to the campsite and did some work on the car. Late evening a storm moved in and it got ugly quickly. Craig and Margaret weren't around, the tents had been set up so the car couldn't be moved, so we were stuck. We went to the bar at the lodge and shot pool. Around 9pm gave up on waiting for the others and had diner. Sometime around midnight I went back to the campsite and found Craig and Margaret waiting for us - they hadn't even thought of coming to look for us at the bar.

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