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Tuesday, July 6, 1999
Harar, Ethiopia
Ethiopia's FlagHarerge's Flag

Harar, Ethiopia:
Latitude: 9° 18' 44" North
Longitude: 41° 52' 51" East
From Seattle: 10341 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Belayneh Hotel

Today's Travel:
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Harerge
Weather: Partial Sun / Rain

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Mosque Harar, Ethiopia

Mosques Harar, Ethiopia

Camels Harar, Ethiopia

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 817
Linear Dist: 104710
Countries Visited: 60
Regions Visited: 234
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Hotels: 257
Friends / Family: 163
Camping: 118
Hostels: 217
Transit: 55
Other Lodging: 6
Beers: 3086

Journal Entry:
Walked around the walled city some more. Explored the Eastern and Southern sections which I mostly missed yesterday. Not much new - more of the same. The old city has a weird feeling. Similar to Marakesh or Lamu, or even Zanzibar but older and less developed. There are very few multi-story buildings, and the paving stones in the roads don't seem like they've ever been repaired. There's also a bit of decadence in the air - it's all the people who seem to spend the entire day sitting against a wall chewing Chat (a mildly narcotic plant that is sold everywhere here - no I haven't tried it - yet).

Also walked outside the Eastern gate and down the slope towards one of the nearby villages. The surrounding mountains are very like the hills of Southern California - round with sparse vegetation. I walked all the way around a graveyard - it was huge, it took more than an hour. The graves are all just marked with natural stones - no writing or id of any kind.

In the afternoon it got too hot so I returned to the hotel and hung out drinking sodas (no bottled water available here) and reading. When it cooled off a bit I walked up to the Smuggler's market - a huge market outside the city walls. Mostly it's foods and clothing, but there were also contraband cigarettes and alcohol. I bought an alarm clock for 8 birr ($1) so that I can get up tomorrow (have to be on my way out of Harar by six).

I ventured back into the city and spent the remainder of the day wandering around some more. The two market areas within the city are both more active in the late afternoon. Nothing too exciting about the markets, but the women are very brightly dressed and from a distance they look like a field of flowers.

As it started to rain I returned to the hotel. After diner I sat in the lobby and tried some of the local beers (passable) while watching the lightning and rain, and the locals ignoring both as the market day winds down. Another early morning tomorrow so early to bed - at least the rain and thunder dampen the street noises.

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