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Sunday, September 19, 1999
Zion National Park, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada
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Las Vegas, Nevada:
Latitude: 36° 8' 4" North
Longitude: 115° 9' 41" West
Altitude: 2030 feet
From Seattle: 976 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Treasure Island

Today's Travel:
Country: United States
Regions: Utah, Nevada
Route: Car: SR9, I-15
Path:Zion National Park, Utah - Las Vegas, Nevada
Linear:146 miles
Weather: Rain / Sunny

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 892
Linear Dist: 167244
Countries Visited: 60
Regions Visited: 242
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Hotels: 279
Friends / Family: 204
Camping: 120
Hostels: 218
Transit: 57
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 3299

Journal Entry:
Woke up at seven to the rain - dozed until sometime after eight waiting for the rain to stop. Packed up camp and headed to the park HQ. To my surprise the flood hazard was listed as low (with all the rain?!?). Decided to try to hike the Narrows again, but as I got back into my car it started to rain hard again. So I decided against hiking and started for Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas before noon. There's not a cloud in the sky and it is hot. I can't believe how many new super casinos have been built in the last two years -The Belagio, The Venician, Paris, Mandalay Bay, and more. Spent over three hours walking the strip. Checked out the new casinos, saw the lion enclosure at MGM Grand, explored New York, New York (it hadn't opened last time I was here), and checked out room prices. Something else has changed in Vegas - it's expensive. You used to be able to count on cheap lodging and food - not anymore. Apparently the legalization of gambling in most states has caused Vegas to realize it's in demand and the incentives have gone away. Cheapest room I could find was the Motel 6. Decided to splurge and stay at Treasure Island - got a very nice room on the thirtieth floor.

I was sick of walking around in the heat (and in fact have blisters on my foot) and for some reason I didn't feel like gambling so I decided to catch a movie. Saw "Sixth Sense" - excellent!

I was hoping to see the Cirque du Soleil's new show "O" (eau) but it's been sold out through the end of October so my only chance was with cancellations. The movie didn't get out until seven and the show started at 7:30 at the Belagio - a ways up the strip - so I didn't have much of a chance. Got to the box office ten minutes before curtain and... got a ticket! Third row even, though nowhere near center.

I tried to think of how to describe the show. It's a combination of acrobatics, dance, theater, special effects, synchronized swimming, gothic horror, romance, high diving, ballet, opera, clowns, symphony, and pretty much everything else. Even now five hours after the show my mind is buzzing try to figure out what I saw. Whatever you call it - it was excellent. Well worth any price.

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