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Saturday, November 13, 1999
Antannarivo, Madagascar
Madagascar's Flag

Antannarivo, Madagascar:
Latitude: 18° 54' 40" South
Longitude: 47° 31' 34" East
Altitude: 4670 feet
From Seattle: 12429 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Hotel Muraille de Chine

Today's Travel:
Country: Madagascar
Region: Central Midlands
Weather: Overcast

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Downtown Antananarivo, Madagascar

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 947
Linear Dist: 188362
Countries Visited: 63
Regions Visited: 246
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Hotels: 299
Friends / Family: 231
Camping: 120
Hostels: 220
Transit: 63
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 3376

Journal Entry:
Another horrible night of sleep - could have been the large number of mosquitoes buzzing around. Watched the sun rise then finally drifted off around six - then ended up sleeping until after noon. Spent the day walking around again. I'd hoped to arrange my way out of here - train if possible, plane if necessary - but despite what my guide book said all the offices were closed. Well, the train station was open - but there wasn't anyone there. Looks like I'm here until Monday - if I'm lucky.

Went into a super market to buy some mosquito coils and ran into some other Americans - really my first English speakers here. They were Peace Corps volunteers - just going through training. At the market I also bought some shampoo - I bought a bottle that seemed like it would stay closed in my pack - that way I can reuse it. Predictably just putting it into my daypack knocked the top off and it spilled all over inside of day pack. Sat in a park and cleaned it up - endlessly amusing the locals who gathered to watch. Luckily my camera was in its case and thankfully I had my emergency stash of toilet paper (hopefully I won't regret using most of it!)

Went by an Internet place - very expensive (well comparatively, it's 15,000 FMg per fifteen minutes - about $10 / hr, compared to $3/hr in Mauritius). So I only took 15 minutes - I'll come back tomorrow when I have my email to send with me.

Walked up a different hill than yesterday - it was very similar: narrow cobbled streets, beautiful old houses, and winding stairs. Also tried some new snack foods - they all seem to be pretty good. Had diner at a random cafe that was opened early - it turned out to be very good - and popular. Talked to a Dutch guy who's leaving tomorrow, but has been here three weeks. Also talked to a couple other PCVs. Basically tried to pump everyone for info - I still don't know what I want to do. Basically what I found out is that I need more time...

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