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Saturday, December 4, 1999
Kalibukbuk (Lovina), Bali, Indonesia
Indonesia's FlagBali's Flag

Kalibukbuk (Lovina), Bali, Indonesia:
Latitude: 8° 6' 33" South
Longitude: 115° 0' 36" East
Altitude: 4670 feet
From Seattle: 9061 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Rini Hotel

Today's Travel:
Country: Indonesia
Region: Bali
Weather: Mostly Sunny / Rain / Partial Sun

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 968
Linear Dist: 195173
Countries Visited: 66
Regions Visited: 249
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Hotels: 319
Friends / Family: 231
Camping: 120
Hostels: 220
Transit: 64
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 3402

Journal Entry:
Woke up early again, but fought it and fell back asleep. Got up shortly before noon and spent some time writing in my journal and doing a mini work out. After finding someone to do my laundry went for lunch at a recommended restaurant that does Mexican food. I had nachos and guacamole - neither were what I expected, but both were excellent (though don't ask me how it is that banana works in guacamole - it just did). I spent the entire afternoon in the pool talking with other guest or reading. Late afternoon the skies clouded over and there was a downpour. I took cover in the restaurant / bar and talked with the others about diner plans. The consensus was the usual vegetarian place. Since all my cloths except what I was wearing were being washed and what I was wearing was wet... I had to go shopping. After a couple boutiques I found some shorts, a T-shirt, and a sarong (this one for me!) that I was interested in. There was a mighty battle over the prices but it ended up costing me 50,000 rupiahs (~US$7, starting price was 150,000). Walking back to the hotel I was a bit disgusted with myself because I thought I overpaid, but after comparing prices with what the others have been paying it looks like I did very well.

The plan had been to head to diner around 7:30, but after everyone had a beer, then another it was after ten. Went and had another fantastic meal - I'm starting to think that they can't cook a bad meal in this country - at the veggie restaurant. I went back to the banana pancakes with butterscotch sauce and ice-cream for dessert and it was (again) incredible. Sat around talking then got back to the room around one. I'd planned to arrange for a driver and car so I could have an early morning and get out and see some of the surrounding country but it didn't happen - which is good because I don't think the early morning is going to happen either.

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