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Sunday, January 30, 2000
Perth, WA, Australia
Australia's FlagWestern Australia's Flag

Perth, WA, Australia:
Latitude: 31° 57' 29" South
Longitude: 115° 49' 6" East
Altitude: 914 feet
From Seattle: 10375 miles
Lodging: Friend / Family - Kate and Stew

Today's Travel:
Country: Australia
Region: Western Australia
Start: Perth, WA, Australia
Stop 1. Freemantle
End:Perth, WA, Australia
Linear:18 miles
Weather: Mostly Sunny / Rain

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 1025
Linear Dist: 201897
Countries Visited: 67
Regions Visited: 252
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Hotels: 326
Friends / Family: 277
Camping: 120
Hostels: 223
Transit: 65
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 3654

Journal Entry:
It was a beautiful day with lots of clouds it was a little cooler, but still plenty hot for the beach (Leighten beach today). Spent a few hours laying in the sun and frolicking in the water. Went back into Freemantle for a big seafood lunch on the warf. On the way home we stopped at a little store to buy flowers and ended up buying way too much chocolate. I ended up with bag of chocolate covered coffee beans - and ate the entire thing! We went home to watch the video "Under the Lighthouse Dancing" - it was filmed on Rottnest island, and we're going there tomorrow. While we were watching the movie huge drops of rain started to thunder down - not boding well for tomorrows adventure.

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