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Friday, June 9, 2000
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast to Byron Bay, QLD, Australia
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Byron Bay, QLD, Australia:
Latitude: 28° 38' 32" South
Longitude: 153° 36' 51" East
Altitude: 103 feet
From Seattle: 8296 miles
Lodging: Hostel - Main Beach Backpackers

Today's Travel:
Country: Australia
Regions: Queensland, New South Wales
Route: Car: Pacific Highway (M1), Highway 30
Path:Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast - Byron Bay, QLD, Australia
Linear:52 miles
Weather: Overcast / Rain / Overcast

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 1156
Miles Driven:186386
Linear Dist: 218937
Countries Visited: 68
Regions Visited: 259
More stats...
Hotels: 389
Friends / Family: 295
Camping: 126
Hostels: 259
Transit: 73
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 4065

Journal Entry:
Unexciting drive down the coast to Byron Bay - the road very much reminded me of an suburban Southern California coastal drive (La Jolla, San Clemente, Santa Barbara...) Stopped mid way to call home - I'm considering trying to meet my parents in Thailand and since I'm having to buy the around the world ticket I wanted the dates to be approximately right. Then spent a long while on the phone with my travel agent - because of when my parents are going to be in Thailand I had some extra time so I found someplace else to go on the way - Iran for a week - provided I can get a visa of course. Ended up buying the ticket so at least I've got a way out of Australia. The ticket is fully refundable so if the better ticket does come through I can switch.

In Byron Bay drove out to the cape to take a look at the the lighthouse. Then checked into a hostel and went out to arrange a dive for tomorrow morning - there's a well regarded marine reserve off the coast here. I found a great funky little coffee house / internet cafe. A great atmosphere, cheap, and a fast connection.

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