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Sunday, July 30, 2000
Stone Town, Zanzibar (Unguja), Tanzania
Tanzania's Flag

Stone Town, Zanzibar (Unguja), Tanzania:
Latitude: 6° 9' 38" South
Longitude: 39° 11' 21" East
Altitude: 35 feet
From Seattle: 11182 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Hotel Clove

Today's Travel:
Country: Tanzania
Region: Zanzibar Archipelago
Weather: Rain / Overcast

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 1207
Linear Dist: 234982
Countries Visited: 70
Regions Visited: 266
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Hotels: 425
Friends / Family: 302
Camping: 129
Hostels: 261
Transit: 76
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 4152

Journal Entry:
I was up all night with stomach problems so when the alarm off I was not feeling good. Very tired and severe stomach cramps. I had breakfast hoping it would settle my stomach but no such luck so we decided not to do the Spice Tour today and walked down to the port to reschedule for tomorrow. It was just as well as it rained all day. I spent the day in bed except for frequent runs to the toilet. In the evening I decided to risk food again and Amy and I went to a Chinese restaurant. It was expensive, but I really needed the comfort factor. After dinner Amy went back to the hotel to read and I went for a long walk then did internet. Back at the hotel we packed as there were no rooms available for tomorrow night so we'll need to move in the morning.

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