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Friday, November 3, 2000
Tokyo, Japan
Japan's Flag

Tokyo, Japan:
Latitude: 35° 42' 28" North
Longitude: 139° 46' 18" East
Altitude: 3 feet
From Seattle: 5105 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Hotel Pine Hill

Today's Travel:
Country: Japan
Region: Kantō
Weather: Overcast

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 1303
Linear Dist: 249447
Countries Visited: 73
Regions Visited: 274
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Hotels: 511
Friends / Family: 302
Camping: 130
Hostels: 261
Transit: 85
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 4342

Journal Entry:
Slept for more than ten hours! When I did get up I decided to go into Akihabara to look at the electronics. It's only one stop on the JR Yamanote line, the railway line that circles Tokyo, so I decided to go the long way around. That way I could do a little sightseeing. The train ride took a little over an hour and wasn't very exciting. I think Tokyo needs to be experienced from the street.

I'd planed on spending an hour or two exploring the giant electronics area of Tokyo - well nearly seven hours later I'd really only explored a small handful of stores. The prices aren't that amazing (except for mobile phones which can be had for under $1 - but they only work in Japan) but the selection is incredible. I spent a lot of time playing with digital cameras - and convinced myself to buy one until I realized that on my way home is not the time, maybe on my way out next time. Also took a serious look at MiniDisc players, but I'm not sure I can justify replacing mine - which still works despite the display being broken.

After grabbing a bite and catching the train back to Ueno (where my hotel is) I decided to explore until I found a place to have a beer. Walking up and down the streets I was reminded of what I'd discovered on a previous trip to Japan - the back streets are the most fascinating. I went by lots of closed market stalls, strange clubs guarded by big guys in suits that could only be Yakuza, and tons of very loud pachinko parlors. After walking for an hour I found a "British" pub. I had an Asahi beer in the smoky bar and saw my first other gaijin (foreigners) of the day. Then it was back to the hotel for a another hot bath and bed.

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