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Friday, February 23, 2001
Chennai, India
India's Flag

Chennai, India:
Latitude: 13° 3' 48" North
Longitude: 80° 15' 40" East
Altitude: 5 feet
From Seattle: 9733 miles
Lodging: Transit - Train 6717, Pandian Express: Chennai - Madurai

Today's Travel:
Country: India
Region: Tamil Nadu
Route: Train 6717, Pandian Express: Chennai - Madurai
Weather: Sunny

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 1415
Linear Dist: 272850
Countries Visited: 74
Regions Visited: 280
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Hotels: 552
Friends / Family: 338
Camping: 130
Hostels: 262
Transit: 89
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 4534

Journal Entry:
Slept in! Eight hours of not waking up once - a first for India! Spent the morning cleaning and packing. In the afternoon I hit the internet cafe to upload all the photos I took yesterday and update my journal. I also had a huge lunch and then hung out in the hotel lobby until it was time to head for the train station. Since I left plenty early I decided to insist on a rickshaw that would use it's meter - the second one I tried agreed, and even with a 30 percent tip it was still only a third of what it would have cost!

I was excited about the train since it was going to be my first air-conditioned sleeper - such luxury. But it was the same as the others I've been on - just colder and the windows (which were too filthy to see through) don't open. One plus is that there don't seem to be as many people crowding in to one berth. On the other sleepers there would often be two (or three or four if there were some children) in one space - making it very tight for everyone. On this train it seems to be one berth, one person. Oh and blankets and sheets are provided!

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