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Saturday, March 3, 2001
Kovalm, India
India's Flag

Kovalm, India:
Latitude: 8° 23' 11" North
Longitude: 76° 58' 49" East
Altitude: 28 feet
From Seattle: 10220 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Hotel Greenland

Today's Travel:
Country: India
Region: Kerala
Weather: Mostly Sunny

Available Photos:

Lighthouse beach Kovalam, India

Lighthouse beach Kovalam, India

Sunset Kovalam, India

Sunset Kovalam, India

Lighthouse Kovalam, India

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Day: 1423
Linear Dist: 273285
Countries Visited: 74
Regions Visited: 281
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Hotels: 560
Friends / Family: 338
Camping: 130
Hostels: 262
Transit: 89
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 4539

Journal Entry:
In the morning I slept in until nearly ten - it's delightfully quiet here! I spent the day at the beach and wandering around the village. The beach is awesome, but it gets very hot in the middle of the day and the water is so warm that it doesn't help to cool much so in the mid afternoon I took refuge in the village. The town is sprinkled among coconut palms and banana trees with raised walkways wandering through - nice and shady and adventuresome. I tried a number of travel agents who had signs up advertising Maldives packages - but there wasn't much selection, and none of it was aimed at divers. If I go to the Maldives I think I'm going to have to go independently and arrange everything once I get there. I also did some shopping (or, more accurately browsing) there are crafts from all over India and lots from Pakistan and Nepal, and while the prices start high they seem to come down to a reasonable level with a little bargaining.

Mid afternoon I went back to the coolness of my room and relaxed for a couple hours before venturing out to watch the sunset. It was a very nice sunset, though some low clouds hid the last few minutes of the show. After sunset I hit an internet cafe and then finished off the night with diner and a video (the end of "Something About Mary" and "Traffic") at one of the beach cafes. Sometime after eleven found me walking back under the stars on the beach. The air was slightly hazy - not enough to dim the stars, but enough to make the three huge beams of the lighthouse look aurora-like as they rotated across the sky.

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