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Tuesday, April 10, 2001
Hampi to Palolem, India
India's FlagKarnataka's Flag

Palolem, India:
Latitude: 15° 0' 26" North
Longitude: 74° 1' 37" East
Altitude: 4 feet
From Seattle: 9940 miles
Lodging: Hotel - High Tide Huts

Today's Travel:
Country: India
Regions: Karnataka, Goa
Route: Rickshaw: Hampi - Hospet; Train 7227: Bza Vasco Express: Hampi - Margao; Taxi: Margao - Palolem
Start: Hampi
Stop 1. Hospet
End:Palolem, India
Linear:165 miles
Weather: Mostly Sunny / Partial Sun / Overcast

Available Photos:

Pulling into a station Train line between Londa and Margao, Western Ghats, India

Country side Train line between Londa and Margao, Western Ghats, India

Tunnel Train line between Londa and Margao, Western Ghats, India

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, tree, and the train Train line between Londa and Margao, Western Ghats, India

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 1461
Linear Dist: 275507
Countries Visited: 75
Regions Visited: 285
More stats...
Hotels: 588
Friends / Family: 338
Camping: 130
Hostels: 262
Transit: 99
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 4565

Journal Entry:
I got up early so I'd have time to pack and have breakfast. I also read for awhile. Then when I checked out it took a lot longer that I thought it would to pay - it took me a minute to add up everything on my bill - it took them close to half an hour. By the time I'd finally paid I decided that I was running a little too short on time to risk the bus so I decide to take a rickshaw - that should get me a 20 minute margin again. I had a little trouble negotiating for a rickshaw (why is it they're never around when you want one?), but finally I got one for a good price - but when I get to it I find out it's shared. I decided I didn't have the time to go find another one. It was actually fairly quick with only a couple drop offs, but then we got stuck behind a large truck carrying pipe section - we can't pass - and when the truck met a bus going the other direction the road wasn't wide enough. Both vehicles refused to back up and within a few minutes there was a log jam of vehicles trying to get through - but there wasn't enough room for a even a person to squeeze through! It takes us about fifteen minutes but we finally got turned around and was able to go around some buildings through someone's yard. When I finally got to the train station I had two minutes until my train's scheduled departure - of course it's not even there yet. Within ten minutes I was on my way.

It was a long train ride. The highlight was coming out of the mountains about half way between Londa and Margao. I scored a seat in the open doorway and watched the scenery go by as it got dark. There were tons of rocky tunnels (always a surprise when I was sitting there and all of a side there would be a dark wall a few feet in front of my face!) and even a decent sized waterfall (Dudhsagar Waterfalls). We got in to Margoa about 8:30 and I instantly hated it - The hassles of people trying to get you to ride on their motorbike or rickshaw was unbearable and I quickly got pissed off and determined to walk. When I got to the end of the train station road I couldn't make any sense of the guide book and there was no town in site so I didn't even know which way to walk. So I gave up and go back to the station, but there was o way I was going with one of the sharks so hired a government long distance taxi straight to Palolem Beach - where I was going to head to in the morning, about 40 kilometers away. The driver stopped and picked up someone - I assumed a friend who was freeloading a ride - but I didn't let it annoy me. The drive was only an hour, but it seemed much longer as the driver was terrible and we had many near collisions. Finally a little before eleven we get to Palolem. The first place I went to the passenger got out also and followed me I felt it was too expensive - nearly four time what I paid in Kovalam for a dirty hut and shared toilet - basically the same refugee accommodation I got in the Andaman's except at city hotel prices. I headed off down the beach to see what else I could find - I didn't see the other guy follow me. The next place was cheaper and a little cleaner, but still more than Kovalam. I took the hut for the night figuring I'd find something better in the morning. I headed for the restaurant on the beach for a well needed beer and a light snack. While there the guy who checked me in came up and asked me why I didn't tell him my driver had brought me?!? It turns out the passenger who had followed me to the first place came to the second and demanded his commission - even though he had just freeloaded a ride with me! They gave it to him, then asked me - oops, but not my problem - it also explains why the first place was asking so much more. I got back to my room a little after midnight and crashed hard - at least it's a lot cooler here.

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