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Thursday, July 18, 2002
Bablomekang Island, Koror to Koror, Palau
Palau's FlagKoror's Flag

Koror, Palau:
Latitude: 7° 20' 40" North
Longitude: 134° 29' 4" East
Altitude: 149 feet
From Seattle: 7071 miles
Lodging: Friend / Family - Jesuit Residence

Today's Travel:
Country: Palau
Region: Koror
Route: Dive Boat
Path:Bablomekang Island, Koror - Koror, Palau
Linear:19 miles
Weather: Rain / Partial Sun / Rain

Available Photos:

Stacy in entrance to cave Dive: Chandelier Cave, Palau

Stalactite in first chamber Dive: Chandelier Cave, Palau

Diver exiting cave Dive: Chandelier Cave, Palau

Divers exiting cave Dive: Chandelier Cave, Palau

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 36
Linear Dist: 8234
Countries Visited: 3
Regions Visited: 8
More stats...
Hotels: 9
Friends / Family: 21
Camping: 3
Hospital: 2
Beers: 72

Journal Entry:
The boat actually showed up surprisingly a little early. The ride was very rough. The first dive was back at Big Drop Off - pretty good, but not spectacular. The highlights were an octopus, a hawksbill turtle, and the usual sharks. The second dive was at the German Wall. It was supposed to be not so interesting of a site, but I really liked it. It really wasn't much of a wall, but it reminded me of Dahab - lots of coral heads and coral gardens - plenty of places to poke into. Same highlights as the first dive plus a field of garden eels and a moray. We had lunch at Two Dog Beach again - back at home, except this time we're not staying. Back at the dive shop we decided to go on the third dive to Chandelier Cave. The dive was very cool - nothing that great wildlife wise, but probably the most amazing drama dive I've ever done. There were three chambers complete with stalactites It was pretty high tide, but even so there was air in the top of each chamber so we could stop and take off our masks to look around. After diner at the house we played cards with Todd - our last chance to socialize with him as he goes on retreat tomorrow and won't be able to talk for the next week.

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