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Friday, August 18, 2000
Likoma Island, Malawi
Malawi's Flag

Likoma Island, Malawi:
Latitude: 12° 4' 48" South
Longitude: 34° 42' 59" East
Altitude: 1684 feet
From Seattle: 11271 miles
Lodging: Hotel - Mango Drift

Today's Travel:
Country: Malawi
Region: Northern Malawi
Weather: Partial Sun / Mostly Sunny

Available Photos:

Mango Drift's Beach Likoma Island, Malawi

Sunset Likoma Island, Malawi

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Trip Stats to Date:
Day: 1226
Linear Dist: 235840
Countries Visited: 70
Regions Visited: 268
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Hotels: 444
Friends / Family: 302
Camping: 129
Hostels: 261
Transit: 76
Other Lodging: 13
Beers: 4198

Journal Entry:
Lazy day. Spent the day at the beach in front of our hut. Swam, sunned, and read. Had an early lunch and went back to the beach. Dinner was a more social event and the cook baked a chocolate cake for someone's birthday. It was interesting - He didn't use any sugar or eggs (we think) so it wasn't quite a success. I actually liked the cake, but no one else did.

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